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Digital India is Top Game Development Company in Mohali. That possess the uniqueness in Designs and robustness in functionalities. We Develop games on latest technology 2D Mobile Games, Virtual Reality Games, Multiplayer Games.

“Digtal India” is the best game development company. We develop many types of games on latest technology such as 2D Mobile Games, Virtual Reality Games, Multiplayer Games…

We at “Digital India”, work on latest technology and trends, our team has enabled with the latest technology advancements and having appropriate expertise to work on various games development.

Our Projects

Area of Expertise

Virtual Reality Game

At Digital India, our crew of virtual reality architects are well versed in carving the various visualization techniques and are up to date to apply latest virtual reality evolving tactics to create appealing VR games. There is no second thought in confessing that virtual reality has revolutionized the gaming industry and offered the immersive experience, which are previously seems far fetched. We brings virtual experience of the reality with highly immersive and engaging virtual reality content. Virtual reality creates a totally new environment for users to interact with virtual content and conducts a different experience for users, we at Digital India develops best out of VR content in terms of user entertainment & engagement where a user charmed towards an incredible environment.

We build future-ready online solutions and platforms.

As a leading AR/VR/MR global enterprise, We has crafted the most predictive and revolutionary mobile gaming solutions, we understand the taste of online users and based on their expectations we create precise gaming solutions that offers immersive gaming experience.

Augmented Reality Game

Pokemon Go, the game based on AR has grabbed the attention of millions, this was a revolution in gaming industry based on Augmented Reality. AR technology aims to enhance a user’s experience by adding an additional layer of content. Augmented reality has disappeared the line between what is real and what is computer generated by offering a rich and interactive platform for gamers. ADI is focused to deliver most eminent gaming content based on Augmented Reality and when it comes to the user’s experience, we understand that the challenge lies in being creating graphical content and information into the user’s physical surroundings. 

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2D Mobile Games

A world without entertainment, it’s too horrible to even think about it, how come it possible as we cannot even expect a life without entertainment, though there are tradition has been changed from time to time but entertainment will never be out of life. When the era has been started of smartphones, it is used as a big platform of entertainment as well like images, videos, games and so on. Digital gaming industry is vast, however 2D games are still coming under most played games on smartphones. We, at A Digital India endorse the exciting journey as a topmost 2D game development company in India and abroad. Our quality work demonstrated in form of engaging, entertaining and super 2D games. Our team is creating a 2D gaming experience by utilizing advanced game development engines and tools. Our most competent crew of developers have created the games from various genres like puzzle, card, kids games, strategy, table and board, endless runner games etc.

First person Shooter Games/ Multiplayer Games

First-person shooters game is a type of three-dimensional shooter game featuring a first-person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player character. In First-person shooters game, the primary design element is combat. On Other hand multiplayer game is a game in which more than one person can play in the same game at same time, either they are connected locally or via internet.

Key Benefits We Offer

Apart from this, a few of the qualities are given below that differentiate us from our competitors and make us the preferred choice amongst our clients.
Latest technology used:

We keep ourselves updated with every latest trend and technology of the industry and use them to develop lucrative games.

Brilliant Concept Art:

We understand your ideology and then transform it into reality, giving it appealing designs and graphics and functionality.


We focus on delivering high-quality solutions free from all kinds of bugs or errors that boosts your business and drive results for you.

Support & Maintenance:

Being a mobile game development company, We offer support and maintenance services with our game development services in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.